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Fam's Culinary 非同范享

"Fam’s Culinary" set to be an exclusive handmade gourmet (home food) maker, recipes and formulas come from our very own “Private Cookbook”. Only Premium Grade ingredients were used in all the making and for sure the Quality that you can taste. "Fam's Culinary" is not a profit-focused business, we prioritize the enjoyment of our customers and the price that worth paying for.

“非同范享”是一家纯手工制作的美食(家庭式)制造家,我们拥有自己多年来的“私房秘笈” 配方更是独特。所有制作过程均仅使用优质食材,并确保您可以品尝到最优质的产品。 “非同范享”不是一家以利润为中心的商家,我们优先考虑客户所付的是物超所值,得到的更是非同凡响的享受。

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