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Red Dates Longan Tea 红枣桂圆茶

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Red Dates Longan Tea (25g x 10 Teabags + 50g Organic Molasses Sugar)               

  • Enrich blood & "Qi"
  • Relieve menstrual cramp
  • Nourish & moisturise skin
  • Recuperate menstrual


Red dates, Dried longan, Goji berry & Organic molasses sugar


Red Dates Longan Tea is a delicately sweet delicious nourishing tea. The main ingredient is red dates, longan, and goji berry, which have the effect of improving cardiovascular circulation, stabilizing mental conditions, enrich the blood, relieving stress, and tension. It can be used to treat anemia, blood supply after menstruation, physical weakness after illness, postpartum nursing. Suitable for afterbirth mummy during the confinement period, it warms the body, boosts breastmilk for those who are breastfeeding.

Drinking Red Dates Longan Tea helps improve brainpower and cold constitution too. It comes with a separate packet of organic molasses sugar with your choice to give an extra sweetness and minerals to your tea.


Red Dates

• Improve immunity system

• Lower serum cholesterol & blood pressure

• Enrich blood & “Qi” and strengthen brain power

• Protect the liver and eliminate fatigue

• Helps mind soothing & relaxing


• Enrich blood & “Qi” and strengthen the brainpower

• Exfoliate and brighten skin tone

• Enhance nerve function

• Ameliorate anemia and palpitations

Goji Berry

• Boost energy and improve eyesight

• Liver care

• Enhance hematopoietic function

• Boost collagen, retain moisture & youthful skin

Molasses Sugar

• Relief from constipation, headaches, and anemia

• Strengthen the immune system

• Improve the formation of new cells in the body

• Maintain healthy levels of hemoglobin

Net content (specification): 300 (g)

Inner packaging: 10 Individual sachets, each sachet 25g + 1 packet of 50g molasses sugar 

Outer packaging: Resealable bag

Shelf life: 12 months from the production date (unopened) or 6 months once (opened). Kindly refer to the production label on the packaging.

Storage method: Keep in cool dry place & avoid direct sunlight (to prolong the freshness of the ingredients, please store it in the chiller). 

How to prepare: 

  1. 1.Pour a pack of ingredients into a thermal flask or cup with lid and rinse the ingredients with clean water.
  2. Add 300ml hot water, let it steep 10 - 15 minutes for better infusion and enjoyment (option to add molasses sugar).
  3. 3.Re-steep the second time by adding the same amount of hot water (tea will taste lighter).


  1. 1-2 cups a day according to your physical condition and need. 
  2. Suitable during or after menstrual period.
  3. Pregnant women are advised to remove longan and not to add sugar, drink only red dates and goji berry.
  4. Breast feeding mum & diabetes advises not to add sugar.
  5. Not suitable for children age below 8 years old.
  6. Not suitable for people with fever.
  7. It can be used to recuperate health and wellbeing, not a substitute for medical treatment.

红枣桂圆茶 (25 x 10茶袋 + 50克有机黑糖)

  • 补气益血 
  • 缓解经痛 
  • 滋阴养颜 
  • 调理经期




红枣桂圆茶是一种带微甜,美味的营养茶。 主要成分是红枣,桂圆和枸杞,它们具有改善心血管循环,稳定精神状态,补气益血,解压力和紧张的作用。它可用于治疗贫血,调理月经,身体虚弱和产后护理。 在分娩期的妈妈们也适合饮用,它可以温暖身体和增加母乳。

喝红枣桂圆茶也有助提高脑力和驱体寒冷的功效。 我们也配了一包独立装的有机黑糖,让您可以选择给茶增添额外的甜味和更多的矿物质。



• 增强免疫系统

• 降低血清胆固醇和血压

• 补气益血,增强脑力

• 保护肝脏,消除疲劳

• 有助于舒缓和放松身心


• 补气益血,增强脑力

• 去除角质并提亮肤色

• 增强神经功能

• 改善贫血和心悸


• 增强能量并改善视力

• 护肝

• 增强造血功能

• 促进胶原蛋白,保持水分和年轻的肌肤


• 缓解便秘,头痛和贫血

• 增强免疫力

• 改善体内新细胞的形成

• 维持健康的血红蛋白水平


内包装:10小袋,每袋25克+ 1包50克有机黑糖


保质期:从生产日期起,12个月保存期(未开封)或 6个月(开封后)。请参考包装上的生产标签日期。

储存方式:置放在不受阳光照射,通风干燥处 (为了让原料能够延长和保持新鲜度,建议放进冰箱的冷格中)。


  • 将一袋的原料倒入带盖的保温瓶或杯子中,用清水冲净原料。
  • 加入300毫升热开水, 焖泡12-15分钟就可泡出一杯馨香可口的茶 (可选择加入黑糖)。
  • 第二次焖泡,加入等量的热开水(茶的味道会变淡)。


  1. 您可以根据自己的身体状况和需求,建议1天1-2杯
  2. 在生理期之间或之后都适合。
  3. 建议孕妇抽出龙眼也不要添加糖,仅喝红枣和枸杞。
  4. 哺乳的妈妈们和糖尿病者建议不要添加糖。
  5. 不适合8岁以下的儿童。
  6. 不适合正发烧者。
  7. 此茶可以作为调理健康,而不是替代药物医疗。